How To Conduct and Publish Research

Final Application Deadline: June 15, 2022

Program Begins: 3-day Live Virtual Workshop July 9-11, 2022

Program Description


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This 12-month internationally accredited program aims to provide candidates with all of the competences needed to be a successful researcher from start to finish.  This program covers both quantitative and qualitative research.

The goal of this program is enable students to obtain grants as well as publish their research.  We will work with each student, even after the year-long program to continue to help participant obtain funding or obtain a published paper.

The faculty in this program consists of individuals from our highly recognized MERETI and ARRETI programs in the Middle East and Asia, respectively.

We begin with discussing how to formulate a research question, perform a literature review, choose an appropriate research methodology, include the appropriate statistical analysis, embed the relevant ethical issues in the proposal and the methodology, write a proposal for submission for funding, submit to a research ethics committee for approval, recruitment methods, obtain a valid informed consent, collect and analyze data, write the manuscript, and submit for publication.

The program is structured so that one can choose the entire program (highly suggested) or take the appropriate blocks that matches your needs. These blocks are structured as follows:

  • Develop a Research Proposal
  • Conduct and Analyze Research
  • Write and Publish Research

For each block, participants can earn up to 30 IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs) documented by a certificate. Visit IACET for more information.

Three Specialized Blocks

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